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> a) A ritual is important. People can live together
> without formally
> marrying. A formal marriage either in a court house
> or by religious way,
> adds strength and value to the marriage. So it is
> with conversion. I agree
> that mental conversion is enough, but a formal
> ritual adds support and
> enhances it. It also lets the person know that we
> aknowledge and include
> you.

  My teacher once happened to mention a prayaschitta
for surapana and videsha yatra etc.
In both cases I was told, one should do Dasa-Snana,
which is a snana in a flowing river with ksheera,
dadhi, aajya,madhu, bhasma, go mutra, gomaya,
mruttika, kushodaka and phalodaka with usage of
Aghamarshana and related Varuna mantras.

Probably one can do this(with the help of their
teacher or purohita) if they feel a need for ritual, 
either without those vedic mantras or by substituting
equavalent pauranic or agamic mantras.

Or probably the person can be a yajamana for a
Khushmanda homa done by a willing purohita.

Maybe there are more relevant rituals.


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