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More new members of the list -

U. K. Anumula -

I am a retired civil servant from India.   I retired from the Indian 
Administrative Service in 1992 after serving for some time as the Chief 
Secretary of Bihar, then the second largest state in India.  I have a post 
graduate degree in Philosophy from Madras University, as a student of 
Dr.T.M.P. Mahadevan and Mr. P. Sankaranarayanan.   However years in the 
civil service muffled whatever I learnt in the philosophy class.   I am 
still interested in 'Vedanta' as a credible path; I believe that a certain 
amount of integration between 'advaita' and 'visishtadvaita' is needed in 
South India, also as a social necessity.  I also believe that excessive 
preoccupation with the theoretical aspects of 'vedanta' should not lead 
either to erosion of  faith of a human being in things beyond the rational 
nor lead one away from the path of reasoning, debate and questioning.   The 
path should be a resolution between blind faith and excessive intellectual 


Durga Prasad Janaswamy -

I live in California, USA. I am working as a software engineer.

I am a beginer in religious/philosophical matters.  I would like to learn 
more about religious/philosophical matters. Hence I am subscribing to the 
mailing list.

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