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hariH Om !!

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> ...[ I think, your best bet is to associate with
> Hindu
> temple activities, praticing Hindus, visiting India,
> reading Puranas and such activities. In the course
> of time you will know what it is to be a true Hindu.
> Also, associate with some Sankara Matha teachings,
> so that you are driven to some philosophical
> understanding behind religious practices, atleast
> one interpretation of the way and philosophy of
> life...] 
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> Dear Srikrishna
> Thank you for your clear e-mail.
> Here we have a Ramakrishna Ashram. I have visited
> it‘s
> web page. I know there are a lot of Ramakrishna
> Centers arrownd the world. I see that they teach
> vedanta, but are they advaitins?
> There is not another hindu temple here in my
> country,
> except of the Hare Krishna Temple.
> What is your/list opinion about Ramakrishna Ashram?

What is your concern ? Are you looking to become a
Hindu or an Advaitin ? Please know that they are not
the same. Out of several religious Hindus, some
believe in the philosophical conclusions of Dvaita,
some believe in Visishtadvaita and some believe in
Advaita. You must understand that all of them believe
in the Vedas. But, each school interprets the Vedas
slightly differently. The differences are not huge for
you to bother in your becoming a Hindu. People in
India are able to live with those differences, so it
should not matter to you, atleast, for your present

If you continue to be bothered by those
considerations, you will remain more of a non-Hindu,
as you are in your society now. First become and live
a Hindu way of life. It is not just philosophy. It is
a way of life. So, know the traditions and life style
of a Hindu and live as much as you can. For example,
stop eating cow meat (atleast), as it is one of the
fundamental beliefs of Hindus.

But, within Hindus there are several castes and creeds
who have differing eating and cultural habits. If you
try to be a Brahmana, the Brahmana community objets to
it. Then you are in real center of problems of Hindu
society. Have fun. 

The corner stone is to know the knowledge of vedas and
the smriti texts. So, first acquire that knowledge and
practice. Do not be carried away by the fancy of
Advaita. 99 % of Indians are ignorant of those
differences. Only a minority, miniscule population is
bothered about such nuiances. It should not be your
starting point. That is all I want to say.

Yes, Sri Ramakrishna Mission or Vedanta Society is
your best access to Hinduism. You get to know the way
into Hindu way of life. Also, visit Hare Krishna
Temples. They will teach you some very important
methods of worship and bhakti as taught in Hindu
culture. Don't care about the finer differences of
philosophy. Bhakti is same every where. Read puranas.

I understand, even Christianity has several
traditions. So, why bother about such finer
differences which are more local and personal to
individuals/groups. Take what good they have to offer.
For you it will be a great boon, as you are away from
other modes of access.

Ramakrishna Mission follows and teaches Advaita. Hare
Krishna group teaches some philosophically crude/close
form of Visishtadvaita.

I suggest take part in both places and gain from both.
Don't have to stick your neck in philosophical
differences at this time.

> My doubt is that they celebrated christian Nativity
> and other catholics festivities. Is it right to do
> this? I am confused about it. 
> Thank you all for consider my humble questions.

As your society is of Christian belief, it is
appropriate that they celebrate all that is important
to their main faith. 

Interestingly, you would have noticed that Here
Krishna group does not celebrate any thing other than
Krishna festivals. So, you already have two different
ways of practicing Hinduism. Both are equally

Sri Rama Navami, birth day of Lord Rama is coming
soon. Enquire and participate in the festivities in
both temples. 

Ramakrishna Mission, as it advocated Advaita, for them
it has been more easy to get into Christian society
and get accepted. But, they do not teach 'Devil'
concept. They only take the teachihngs of Jesus as it
applies to Advaita. They do not preach the way
Christian church preaches. So, you can take real
advantage of that. Also, note that it is hard for you
alone to be a Hindu, when everyone else in your family
is a Christian. So, if you can coax them to be
oriented to Ramakrishna Mission, where they balance
both faiths, you can take your family along. You can
be sure that you will lose nothing by visiting and
associating with Ramakrishna Mission. But, do not be
picky, visit Hare Krishna temple also for worship and
participate in festivities. Take joy every where.

Read atleast one authentic book on Hinduism, "Hindu
Dharma" by Svami Chandra Sekhara Sarasvati of Kanchi
Matha, published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. You need
to have a grasp of what is it to be a Hindu.

More as you need.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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