[Advaita-l] How to get an hindu name? [and other religious paths]

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Ranjeet, thanks for pointing this out. 
Ahimsa is about honesty in showing ways of clearing consiousness and not fogging things to make others feel good.  
Attempt by the other contributor to the list, to "justify" Christian claims by out-of-the-context quotes illustrates this point. Whatever the intent of the post was, Christian message is philosophically not compatible with Advaita, and newcomers are eligible to be made aware of it. 
The saying is: "If you do are not clear where you are going any path will do."  In this sense, being clear about the goal is crucial, exactly as you say. The path connects to the goal and both have to be selected with diligent intellectual clarity and not emotional sentmentality usufell only to flatter ahamkara.

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Namaste Sanjayji,

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From: "Sanjay Verma" 

> The analogy of one person going to Bombay, another going to Madras, and a
third going to Delhi is an invalid analogy. Obviously the three would not
reach the same place. Spirituality is not merely a physical path, but is
rather an awareness, a consciousness, or an attitude. From that perspective,
a better analogy would be math. 2 +2 = 4, but so too 8 - 4 = 4, square root
of 16 = 4, etc. If that doesn't work for some, then let's dispense with
analogies and use direct examples from the religious texts.

Please take a look at these analogies once again.

In the mathematical analogy which you had given, I agree that all the
answers are same.
But is this analogy a proper one?

Examine the concept of liberation in the various religions and sects.

Christianity: Heaven
Muslim religion: Heaven
VaishNavaites: VaikunDa
Shaivaites: Kailasa

It is very clear that these sects preaches different goals. So How will your
mathematical analogy fit in? Isnt the analogy of Bombay-Delhi-Himalayas more
suited in this context?

If you were to say that all these religious practises will lead you to the
purification of your antakaraNa thereby leading you to the jnAna-mArga, then
I would have agreed with you. But will anyone in these sects ever agree with
this? Will they ever say that their beliefs and practices are just for
purification of the internal organ??

Will the Pope ever say that all religions will lead to the same goal?

Hari Om

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