[Advaita-l] Books on Sankhya sutras

rohit ubhayaker rohit8ganesh at yahoo.co.in
Thu Mar 11 23:52:40 CST 2004

Dear  Saadhaka ,
Namo Namah.
I  have  with  me  Shri Kapilopadesh  published  by the  Shri  Raamakrishna  Math  and  Mission . The  Sanskrita  text  and  English  translation  are  given .However  this  book  is  from  the  Shrimad  Bhaagavatpuraana . Is  this  what  you  want ?
Please  check  up  at  Shri  Raamakrishna Math's  bookshops or  their  on-line  store  for  the  same.
With  Love ,
Rohit N. Ubhayaker .

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