[Advaita-l] Books on pANini's ashThadhyayi

Sreekanth Sathyanarayana Sreekanth.Sathyanarayana at Sun.COM
Wed Mar 10 16:54:51 CST 2004

> On Wed, 10 Mar 2004, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
> Are the teleconferences archived?  With my erratic schedule following any
> kind of formal course is going  to be difficult.  Still I'd like to hear
> an expert from time to time.  I feel like I'm forgetting a lot of what

Yes, the teleconference is being recorded at the origin (Samskrita bhArati, 
Bangalore). However, there will be some delay in getting the tapes converted 
over to digital format and uploaded to the samskrita bharati website. 


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