[Advaita-l] Difference bet. slokas and Mantras

Ramesh Badisa badisa55 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 9 15:18:38 CST 2004

Dear Respected Members,
Namaste. I will be grateful to you if you could enlighten me on the 
following doubt:

What is the difference between Mantras and slokas. I read some where that 
all that present in Vedas are mantras, while in remaining scriptures, they 
are called slokas. Interestingly, Upanishads are also catagorized as having 
slokas only there. I understand that Upanishads are part of Vedas, and if 
Vedas have mantras, then, accordingly, the Upanishads should also considered 
to have mantras than slokas. But we have Gita, where we call all of them as 
slokas. Also we know that Gita is essence of Upanishads. Since Gita is 
considered as having slokas, as per the same rule, can we now say that 
Upanishads are also have slokas only. Or this difference is only 



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