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Fri Mar 5 09:34:00 CST 2004

On 4th March Savitri Devaraj writes:
"Is hrIH related to 'hrIm' - one of the bIjAksharas for
the devi? Do they both mean the same?"

No. hrI means modesty, shame, bashfulness. 
The bija hrIM is a combination of 'ha' 'ra' 'I' and 'ma". 
hrIM stands for Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and their energies VAma, jyeshhTA and Roudri. Mother Lalita  generates all these six. So She is "hrIm-garbhA".
What is indirect as the Absolute becomes direct through the hrIm syllable. So She is "hrImkAra-vedyA".
In both hrIm and aum the parA-aspect and the aparA-aspect   of brahman are indicated. Therefore She is hrImkAra-cintyA. 
hrIM itself is the Veda and She is the Upanishad for the veda. So She is hrImkAra-vedopanishad.
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