[Advaita-l] Badari Jyotirmatha History

rohit ubhayaker rohit8ganesh at yahoo.co.in
Fri Mar 5 01:07:02 CST 2004

Dear  Saadhaka ,

I  have  read  your  learned  article  on  the  affairs  of  the  Jyotirmatha . It  was  well  researched  and  well written .

Can  you  furnish  me  with  the  details  of  the  Guru Paramparaa  beginning  with  Bhagavaan Shrimad Aadi  Shankaraachaarya , Shrimat Totakaachaarya  down  to  Shrimad  Brahmanand  Sarasvati Svaami ? Where  are  the  samaadhis / adhisthaanams of  these  seers ? What  happened  of  Shri Totakaachaarya after His  appointment  as  the  Aachaarya  at  Badarikshetra ?


With  Love ,

Rohit N Ubhayaker.




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