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On Wed, 3 Mar 2004, [iso-8859-1] Raghavendra N Kalyan wrote:

> I am sorry but I did not understand the connection. The uttara-nArAyaNa
> portion of the purusha sUktam says that the wives of the purusha are hrI
> and lakshmi. I thought hrI means pArvati.
And Jaldhar Vyasji replied to this:
> The patha in Shuklayajurveda as I learnt it is shrIshchatelakshmishchate
> (31.22) Shri makes more sense.
The word 'hrIH' means 'Modesty'.  'shrIH' means Wealth and Prosperity. The line 'hrIshca te lakshmIshca patnyau' says that 'Your Consorts are Modesty and Prosperity.
The word 'hrIH' is a very significant word in Vedanta. Shankara in his Bhashya on Sanatsujatiya, writes for 'hrIh' : "akArya-karaNe lajjA" -- sense of shame in doing the wrong thing!
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