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Tue Mar 2 13:31:29 CST 2004

Dear members,

Namaste. I have the following doubts on one of the Brahma Sutras (BS), 
IV.4.19. I will be grateful to you if could help me understanding it.

According to this sutra, the supreme Lord is present in two forms. One is 
transcendental form, and the other is relative form. It further says that 
who so ever meditates on Lord on his relative aspect cannot attain the 
transcendental aspect.

The liberated souls at Brahma Lok [BL] (these souls worshipped saguna 
brahman while on earth, and thus reached Brahma Lok through krama mukti 
path) would attain the Lord at the time of pralaya, along with Lord Brahma 
(BS IV.3.10). It is assumed that Lord Brahma is one of the forms of suguna 
brahma, and so attainment to higher region by liberated souls and Lord 
Brahma at the time of pralaya is understood as attaining of nirgun brahman, 
who is supreme. However, as per IV.4.19 sutra, this attainmet now should be 
understood as attaining of relative aspect of divine only, which is lower 
than the the transcendental form.

My doubts here are:

* Is the experience of Brahman required for liberated souls at BL in order 
to attain the relative aspect of divine also,

* If yes, then as we know that knower of Brahman becomes brahman, here where 
is the question for the liberated souls becoming brahman? They are only 
attaining the relative aspect of Lord, which is lower than the 
transcendental aspect.

* If No, then what is the meaning of 'brahma brahma- vido janah' in 8/24 
saloka of Gita. As you all know this sloka talks about krama mukti path.

* Most Upanishads, and all puranas describe divine in some form to inculcate 
bhakti in devotees (saguna worship). Does it mean that these scriptures can 
only take the devotees to reach the relative aspect of divine, but not to 
transcendental aspect of divine?

I will be grateful for your asnwers.

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