[Advaita-l] Re: A doubt in BG chapters 2 & 3

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 29 17:47:44 CDT 2004


I am using my understanding of gitA here and hence may
be wrong.

1. Consider 3.4 "A person does not attain freedom from
action by 
abstaining from action; nor does he attain fulfillment
merely through 
renunciation" - (translation from Gita supersite).

2. Also consider 3.6 "One, who after withdrawing the
organs of action, 
sits mentally recollecting the objects of the senses,
that one, of 
deluded mind, is called a hypocrite".

Seems to me that Shri Krishna is referring to a state
of mind that Arjuna
has not yet attained and hence cannot choose to stay
away from the action
of war, and advises him to follow karma yoga for now.

(when jnAna has been perfected to a large extent - I
personally do not
understand the term "complete perfection of jnAna",
above two statements 
will not be needed, for such a person will be free to
decide how to behave, 
and will not be affected by the side effects of any


>Question is, before really attaining the high state
>of buddhi via sAnkhya/ jnAna yoga, can we start
>as we would after attining this knowledge?

I am afraid I don't understand where this question is
coming from. How
is one who has attained the high state of jnAna
supposed to act?


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