[Advaita-l] Supplemental note to Shata-shlokI of Shankara - 23, 24 of 101

V. Krishnamurthy profvk at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 29 13:31:49 CDT 2004

Thank you all, Sundarji, Adi-ji,  and Ken-ji  for the input about 'kuhaka' from  Rg Veda and other sources. I am fascinated that I have so many of you providing me with such a deep analysis of the words. 
This note is just to modify the meaning of the last line of Shloka 23, in view of Sundarji's suggestion that 'kahaka' could be a mistype for 'kuhaka' and also his suggestion about AvarIvaH. Though the grammatical derivation of 'AvarIvaH' is not clear to me, I go with him in assuming it is a derivation from the root verb  'A - vR' to cover and accordingly construct the following meanings for the last line of the shloka:

atha etat kiM bhavet :  For what is there,

kuhaka-salilavat : like the water produced by a magician

sharmaNi Atmani  AvarIvaH : that can hide the bliss in the Self?


PraNAms to all students of Adi Shankaracharya 



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