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tucchatvAn-nAsad-AsId-gagana-kusumavat bhedakaM no sad-AsIt
lokas-tadAnIM /
kintv-arvAg-eva shuktau rajatavad-aparo no
sharmaNy-Atmany-athaitat-kahaka-salilavat kiM
bhaved-AvarIvaH //

na asat AsIt : Non-entity was not there
tucchatvAt  : that being absolutely non-existent
gagana-kusumavat : like the sky-flower
no sat AsIt : Nor was there an entity
bhedakaM : that could admit of division
kintu : But
AbhyAM anyat AsIt : there was something different from
these two.
tadAnIM : Then
na Asa lokaH : the universe was not there
vyavahRti-gati-sat : as it now exists in its phenomenal
Kintu : However,
arvAg-eva : already
(Asa) : it existed 
aparaH : differently
shuktau rajatavat : like silver (already existing) in the
no : Nor was (then)
virAT : the primordial Cosmic substance
vyoma-pUrvaH : sprung from Space.
atha etat kiM bhavet :  For what is there,
kahaka-salilavat : like the water produced by a magician
sharmaNi Atmani : that can cover the Self?
AvarIvaH: ???

Note 1: It is for us now to recall the ‘Nasadiya-sukta’ of
Rg Veda (X – 129)!

Note 2 : It might be worthwhile to find, in the light of
the wonderful presentation of Ken-ji on ‘MayA in the Rg
Veda’, whether the word ‘kahaka’ occurs in the Rg Veda and,
with what sense.

Note 3. I would need help on the word ‘AvarIvaH’.

bandho janmA-tyayAtmA yadi na punar-abhUt tarhi mokshho’pi
yadvad-rAtrir-dinaM vA na bhavati taraNau kintu dRgdoshha
eshhaH /
aprANaM shuddham-ekaM samabhavad-atha tan-mAyayA
tasmAd-anyacca  nAsIt-parivRtam-ajayA jIva-bhUtaM tadeva //

yadi na bandhaH punar-abhUt : If there had been  no bondage
janma-atyaya-AtmA : in the form of birth and death
tarhi : then indeed
mokshaH api na AsIt : there was no liberation either,
yadvat : just as 
taraNau : in the Sun
rAtriH dinaM vA na bhavati : there is neither night nor day
kintu eshhaH dRgdoshhaH : it is only a limitation of
EkaM tat : That One
aprANaM shuddhaM : which is motionless and unconditioned
mAyayA : by its own mAyA,
kartR-samjnaM : became the ‘maker’ (Hiranyagarbha).
tasmAt anyat ca na AsIt : There was nothing else than that.
Tat eva : That itself
parivRtaM : veiled 
ajayA : by the Unborn (= mAyA)
jIva-bhUtaM : became the individual soul.

Note: Advaita in a nut-shell!

PraNAms to all students of Adi Shankaracharya


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