[Advaita-l] RE: "Tat Tvam Asi" and "So Aham"

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Mon Jun 21 01:54:15 CDT 2004

Hari Om


Here, in connection with the answer given by Sri Vidyasankar, we can also remember Sri Shankaracharya's words in Dakshinamurthy Stotra - 

Ishwarogururaatmeti Murthybedah vibhagine

vyomavat vyaapta dehaaya Sri Dakshinamurthaye namah

The three entities of Ishwara, Guru  and Aatma (the 'self' of the Shishya) are but one and the same, which pervades all the universe, but appears as three different entities in three different forms (because of our ignorance). once the Shishya realises the Truth taught by the Guru these differences merge.


Latha Vidyaranya

Vidyasankar Sundaresan <svidyasankar at hotmail.com> wrote: 
 The true guru who can reveal the truth is one who has already 
realized the truth as "So'ham", so even this apparent third entity, the 
speaker of "you are that", is in essence identical with the second entity, 
the he in "I am he".


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