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Ramesh Badisa badisa55 at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 18 08:05:41 CDT 2004

Dear respected members,


>I have read that Advaita sees no difference between Jivatma and paramatma. 
>Is it so?

Badisa: Yes, in absolute sense.

>& if it is so, is.. Jivatma also a creator OR can he become a creator after 
>getting moksha.

Badisa: After attaining absolute salvation, the jeevatma is no more be 
called a jeevatma, but divine. There is only one divine, and thus have 
unlimited powers.

>My dvaita friends ague that a Jivatma cannot be a paramatma since, 
>Jivatma may be a reflection OR a part of Paramatma, he cannot be as 
>as paramatma since, he doesn't  possess  the powers of paramatma.

Badisa: Correct. So long as the soul is bonded in a physical body, which 
resulted due to karma bandha, then for that long, this soul cannot have 
unlimited powers like divine. That means, one has to do lot of spiritual 
sadhana under the guidence of a spiritual master. Our aim is to experience 
our true nature. Once it is achieved, then our duty is finished and after 
the death of physical body, the soul becomes divine immediately by merging, 
like a river becomes a sea after merging in it.


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