[Advaita-l] query

shankar shankar at tataelxsi.co.in
Fri Jun 18 02:45:53 CDT 2004


I am a novice and still yet to understand the essence of advaita philosophy.
This is because.I have read that Advaita sees no difference between Jivatma
and paramatma.Is it so? & if it is so, is.. Jivatma also a creator OR can he 
become a creator after getting moksha.

My dvaita friends ague that a Jivatma cannot be a paramatma since, even-though
Jivatma may be a reflection OR a part of Paramatma, he cannot be as powerful
as paramatma since, he doesn't  possess  the powers of paramatma.

My consciences says jivatma is a part of Paramatma since the creator is
present in all his creations and the soul can realise this when he begins to
see his presence in others and when this gets reflected there is no difference as
he becomes one amongst the others. 

Is my interpretation correct ? or,  pls guide me to actual meaning ,since
my friends judgement confuses me.

Kindly enlighten me on this. 



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