[Advaita-l] New member introduction: P.S. Shankar

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Wed Jun 16 14:10:35 CDT 2004

I come from a family of Telugu Smarthas. Our family elders say that we are
followers of traditions set by Sri Sringeri Shankara Mutt.

My parents where brought up in Tamil Nadu, they were tuned to bhajan
sampradyam set by Sri Gopala krishna Bhagavatar and my mother had learnt
her basic music lessons from the bhaghavatar. People residing near
Triruchy, Pudukottai of Tamilnadu know about the bhaghavathar. By virtue
of having participating in such bhajans and Radha kalyanams, I was drawn
towards Sri Krishna's teachings. To understand his teachings deeply
 I was told by elders to go thru the Upanishads. As we are Smarthas and
Advaitins, I had little bit knowledge of Sri Shankara and had opportunity
to go thru few texts translated in English in the net and also in some

To know more about Advaita and also about, as some say that both the atma
and paramathma are same, my search came to your site and after going thru
some interesting discussions,my quest to know more about advaita
increased.Hence I wished to enroll myself in your site.

Unfortunately , All my education was in done in Kannada and English
language and i will not be able to go thru the Sanskrit text. Hence I rely
on the English translation of the texts.

Can U guide me to some books wherein a genuine efforts is made to
translate all the works of Sri Shankarachaya in English. I am looking at
plain translation and meanings rather than the translators opinion and
interpretations. Also, I thought by enrolling in your site, I may get to
know more Advaita and Sri Shankara's works.

Hope you will help me,in my endeavor.


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