[Advaita-l] New member introduction: K.N. Ramesh

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Wed Jun 9 21:20:20 CDT 2004

Dear Sri. Jaldhar Vyas,Vidya Sundaresan & others....

My humble pranaams to all of you. At the outset I was very much impressed
with the home page of yours when I was searching for advaita philosophy.
Putting Sri Adishankarcharya's photo at the home page is really
commendable for it is he without whom advaita wud not hv had its roots
watered again , as it was completley masked with buddhism & jainism during
his tenure. I am a ardent devotee of sri Adishankaracharaya and he is my
manasika guru, philosopher & guide. I am a regular visitor of Sringeri
Sarda mutt and I pray Sri Bharathi theertha maha swamigal for all the
guidance I need in future.At the same time I am not an opposer of Sri
Kanchi mutt. Born and brought up at agraharam in gobichettipalayam in
Periyar dt of Tamilnadu, and being a grandsons of Sri. Appu iyer & Sri.
kachikovil ramasamy sastrigal I hv had my roots in vedic education from
them. After knowing to recite rudra, chamaka & related ...things I was
associated wiht late .GR.Sitarama iyer who himself was a commndable
scholar in Sanskrit from whom I had learnt lessong of prakaranams done by
our bhagavat padaal. After hearing these thigns only I came to know that
there is a subject called vedanta and I was deeply impreseed and absorbed
in the teachings of Adishankara. From that day I hv been devoting my time
regularly to advance a few steps in this direction so that I can attain
salvation and free myself from the cycle of samsara. It is at this
juncture that , i think in my view once if u r constanlty in touch wiht
the subject on which u contemplate upon , the things will take a deep root
in mind. In my opinion I hope ur newsgroup or lisitngs may act as a
refresher / boost for my endeavours.Hence request u to join me in ur
mailing list.Thanks & regards,

Ramesh,K.N. Iyer.

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