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V. Krishnamurthy profvk at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 6 21:30:28 CDT 2004

Namaste, Sridhar Shrikantaiah

The Puja Vidhi depends upon which kind of orientation you
want. A general simple vidhi which is applicable to all
deities is the formality of sixteen 'upacaras', starting
with Avahanam and going on through Asanam, Padyam, Arghyam,
Acamaniyam, Snanam, Vastram, yajnopavitam, Gandham, 
Kunkuma-akshata,  pushpam, dhupam, deepam, naivedyam,
tAmbulam, nirajanam,  namaskaram and mantrapushpam. Though
there are eighteen here, the first and last are not
considered as upacaras. Sp

For each of these one may use the 72 purusha sukta
sentences, four for each. Another tradition would add to
each of these a rik from the Sri Suktam.  Yet another
tradition would either add to or substitute by riks from
Shri rudram. 

Anyone of the above traditions or a combination of them
would meet the basic requirement of nitya puja vidhi. Of
course for each deity there are additional special mantras
or shlokas. But they are only additional. They don't
substitute for the basic regimen. Of course if you can't
learn the mantras these shlokas will substitute.

Always there should be a kalasa puja preceded by a
sankalpa. A separate Vinayaka puja  is usually done by all
pundits for pujas undertaken on special occasions. 

Finally the whole thing will depend upon whether it is a
vigraha-puja, or chakra-puja or pancayatana-puja. 

I don't intend to overwhelm you, Sridharji. This is the
nature of the flexibility and variety of our good old
sanatana dharma.  

Please write to me on my personal mail on your specific
requirements. I shall try to help you with the basic puja.
For special more regimented and sophisticated pujas there
are stalwarts available on these groups. I may be able to
suggest to you some names in a personal correspondence. 

I wish you god-speed in your endeavour.

praNAms to all seekers of Truth.

Prof. V. Krishnamurthy
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