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Fri Jul 30 23:45:51 CDT 2004

hariH Om !!

I am amazed at the clarity of your question. 

Recently, I read the following book.   

Meditation and Its Practice by Swami Rama 

Here are my comments:


This is a helpful book for a beginner who wants to
have an overview of what is meditation and how to
proceed. This is not a book of elaborate theory on
meditation. It is just practical orientation to the
method and its preparation and the steps to actual
practice. The book is complete and speaks to the
seeker directly very systematically and clearly with
no specific religious orientation. Even for someone
who is at meditation for some time, this can be a
refresher course and provide clarity of the method. It
will be a good book to gift to youngsters.
Here are some clear statements:

Page: ix

"Like the banks of a river, " he said, "meditation
channels awareness to be aware of itself. As with
other actions you perform, meditation is a systematic

When you understand the process, it becomes more
reliable and leads to deeper experiences."

Page: 1

"Meditation is a specific technique for resting the
mind and attaining a state of consciousness that is
totaly different from the normal waking state. In
meditation, you are fully awake and alert, but your
mind is not focused on the external world or events
taking place around you. Neither is your mind asleep, 
dreaming, or fantasizing. Instead, it is clear,
relaxed, and inwardly focused."

Page: 9

"Meditation is not contemplation or thinking.
Contemplation, especialy the contemplation of
inspiring concepts or ideas such as truth, peace, and
love can be helpful, but it is different than the
process of meditation."

"When you engage in meditation, you do not ask the
mind to think about any concept, but rather to go
beyond this level of mental activity."

Page: 10

" In meditation, you do not make any attempt to give
the mind a direct suggestion or to control the mind.
You simply observe the mind and let it become quiet
and calm, allowing your mantra to lead you deeper
within, exploring and experiencing the deeper levels
of your being."

Similar clear explanation and guidance is provided on
all the steps of meditation, which, I think, is very
helpful to resolve any mis-conceptions and make the
process of meditation easy and fault-proof.

The chapter on "Questions and Answers on the Practice
of Meditation" pretty useful.

The book is very helpful as it clears all doubts and
mystery about meditation and sets the seeker on a
right footing.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


--- durga prasad <janaswamy2001 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I  am interested in doing meditation.
> Can you suggest me any book or other resource that
> tells me
> -- how to do meditation, practical steps
> -- what is that I am expected to achieve by doing
> meditation
> -- what is the ultimate goal of meditation
> Looking forward to your advise.
> Thank you
> Regards
> -- Durga Prasad
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