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Subject: RudraEkadasani

We are planning Rudra Ekadasani at the Hindu Temple of Ottawa duing this
'Chaturmaasya Vradham' period on Aug14, to complete our annual Rudra
PArayana Yagnam done every week and on all Krishnapaksha Pradosham during
the year.
It is a community event and many would love to understand in detail the
significance of the Rudra Ekadasani, the Mahaanyaasam chanted before the
Rudra Japam. I appreciate an erudition from the advaita-vedanta list
scholars, about the RudraEkadasani, the vasordhara homam at the end with
the 346 desires for vedic dharmic life enunciated in Chamakam, the Hamsa
dhyanam and the Rowdhreekaranam in Mahaanyaasam, the benefits to the
seekers in various stages and the grahasthas in the community by this
aahuthi and homam.
Based on our humble knowledge, We have done a brief write-up based on the
siginificance of Rudroupanishad having its place in the center of the Agni
Kaand of the Yajur veda and the significance of the 'PAnchakshara mantra'
in its mid anuvakam, the significance of Rudram explained in
Kaivalyaupanishad. We feel that we need to reach this out to the many who
want to know and seek the Lord's blessings.

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