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Namaste Ramaji,

Is there any information in the tradition as to whom the Upanishads were
revealed to? I believe the Samhita/Brahmana have references to the Mantra
Drashta but what about the Upanishads. Please enlighten. 


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At least from the point of view of advaita and the puurva miimaa.msaa, the
stories related in "sruti are NOT historical events and are meant for only
purposes of illustration. So this whole discussion is moot from an advaitic

The stories in puraa.na-s and the itihaasa-s may or may not correspond to
actual events.

"In the Br.Up is contained a discussion between sage yagyavalkya and janaka.
This is not a narration connected with individuals who might have lived in a
certain period. ... The stories in the vedas are meant only to illustrate
certain aspects"

>From "The Jagadguru Replies", page 89.


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> > That is not likely, because he could not be the teacher of Janaka 
> > (who, by tradition, lived in the Treta Yuga, and figures in the 
> > Ramayana), and be the pupil of Vaishampayana (who, by tradition, 
> > lived in the Dvapara, and figures in the Mahabharata).  Even if one 
> > assumes for him a very long life spanning entire Yugas, one still 
> > would have to grant that he would be a pupil first and a teacher 
> > second.
> There are atleast 11 janaka-s mentioned in the scriptures !!
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