[Advaita-l] Vasanas

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram ravi at ambaa.org
Mon Jul 19 18:35:48 CDT 2004

1) Yes you are correct about vAsana-s being dormant in the state of sushupti
(deep sleep). Because here the antaHkaraNa is in seed form. See
vivekachuuDamaniH verses(122-123).

2) vAsana-s manifests in svapna and jagrata state, as antaH karaNa is active
there. antaH karaNa which literally mean inner organ  is made of manas,
chitta, buddhi, and ahaMkara.

3) In matters related to rebirth etc. two things comes into play according
to yoga shAstra: a) karmaashayaa and b) vaasanaa-s. Former has the three
fold consequence and latter allows the former to come into fruition. The
best description of these concepts in great details can be found in the
translation (with lots of additional notes) of Swami Hariharananda Aranya of
Vyasa's commentary on Patanjali Yoga Sutra. It is an amazing book and it
worth buying it. It is published by Suny Press*.

4) One of the meaning of vaasa (according to Apte's Sanskrit dictionary) is
impress. vaasana is a latent impression of feeling and karmaashaya is latent
impression of actions. Even though many poets make pun out of vaasana and
smell (as in shivaanandalahari). I am not sure whether it is a derivation of
smell or impression ( I would go with the latter). (this is a reaction to
Prof. V.K.'s comment -- may be Sanskrit scholars on this list such as
Aarathi Sankaran can comment on the history and derivation of this word).

In any case, pls refer to Swami H. Aranya's book. Probably scholars like
Vidya and Rama can comment on how much of that presented on this subject is
acceptable to advaita-vedAnta.

My 2c. Needless to say I may be wrong.



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> Hari Om,
> I had posted my query a week back and sice I did not receive any
> reply I am
> posting this mail again. My query was regarding "Vasanas". It is
> stated that
> the Causal Body (Karana Sarira) which is also synonymous with deep sleep
> state is the seat of all vasanas in its unmanifested form which
> manifests as
> thoughts and desires at the mind/intellect level and actions at the body
> level.
> When going through the archives I cam across an article "Lessons from the
> Earthquake" where it was mentioned that on death the vasanas which is
> inherent in the subtle body leaves the body to find another
> suitable body.
> Is there any contradictions or maybe my understanding on this
> subject is not
> correct.
> Regards
> Arun
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