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> > Note 2. Reality is that which exists in the three stages of
> > Time – past, present and future.
> Prof. VK - 
> The above definition of reality - does it have a scriptual basis or
> evolved out of deductive process? 

I would also like to know the answer to the above question, along with
good reasons as to why the "definition" is chosen to be so. Moreover,
any "definition of reality" has to be defended from all the objections
that can be raised against it, and explain why alternate "definitions"
cannot be used.

Note that the Vedas are not perceived in the three states, for the
simple reason that there are no Vedas in deep sleep. Therefore, the
Vedas are not in reality. Now, one can claim that there are two levels
of reality -- the vyAvahArika (V) and the pAramArthika (P), and that
the "definition" of reality above applies to the P-level, and the Vedas
are at the V-level. 

The following questions would need to be answered:

What does it mean for an entity to be eternal/real at the V-level and
if so, does it apply to the Vedas?
Why are the Vedas accepted as true at the V-level?

> Hari OM!
> Sadananda


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