[Advaita-l] realised sages

shankar shankar at tataelxsi.co.in
Thu Jul 15 23:40:01 CDT 2004

Sri Sadanand and Sri Ravi have given good explanation on this.

Who are we to ascertain the other persons realisation?,are we capable of doing
that.Even though we assume some one can do it, I don't think it is possible 
because the person who has self realised will not be interested to know the other
since, he will be enjoying the bliss or what ever the wise call it.

We can at the most seek his advice for us to realise the Brahman.
As an advaitin, I believe souls have got no relations and  in its path to
seek the brahman, does not bother about the outer world and it has got no 
relevance to it. In a such a situation, who is who? and what is he? 
doesn't matter at all. While on the path, the soul may do  some service to the
society but once it earnestly decides that the time has come to detach, it severs
all ties and it is on its own. 

Please correct me if I am wrong.


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