[Advaita-l] Vasanas

arun nair arunnair at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 15 04:04:30 CDT 2004

Hari Om,

I had posted my query a week back and sice I did not receive any reply I am 
posting this mail again. My query was regarding "Vasanas". It is stated that 
the Causal Body (Karana Sarira) which is also synonymous with deep sleep 
state is the seat of all vasanas in its unmanifested form which manifests as 
thoughts and desires at the mind/intellect level and actions at the body 

When going through the archives I cam across an article "Lessons from the 
Earthquake" where it was mentioned that on death the vasanas which is 
inherent in the subtle body leaves the body to find another suitable body. 
Is there any contradictions or maybe my understanding on this subject is not 



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