[Advaita-l] Realized sages

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manushyatvam, mumukshutvam, mahapuruSha samsrayam - daivaanugraha
hutukam - says VivekachUDAmaNi.

A disciple should have a faith in his Teacher, then only knowledge get
trasfered -true for objective sciences and more true for subjective
sciences.  There is nothing worng therefore for disciples to feel that
their teacher is a realized soul.

When one is associated with a mahAtma, one gets an inner sense of
feeling that he is with a mahAtma.   There were people who left after
getting bored sitting for some time in front of Ramana Maharshi.  There
are those who clog to Shree Satya Sai baba while some shun away from

It is an unwritten law that every one gets what he deserves - that
includes the teacher he deserves.

All the lakshaNa-s enumerated in sthitaprajna Ch II are intended for
self-evaluation and not  for evaluation of others.

If everthing is nothing but Brahman, the car in front of you is indeed
Brahman.  He is in the front, in the back, in the left, in the right,
above, below ... ets says the scriptures.

If we can realized that, we have accomplished what need to  be
accomplished in this life!

Hari OM!

Hari Om!

--- "Ravisankar S. Mayavaram" <ravi at ambaa.org> wrote:
> There is saying that "it takes a jnAni to know another" -- the
> question is
> how would we know so and so is self realized or not? For most common
> people
> like me this is taken as a matter of [blind] faith.  And you go to any
> ashrama, devotees there will say that their master is self-realized,
> jivana
> mukta and so on.  This includes even shankara maTha-s.
> The question is why should you/we take this matter by faith? Why
> should we
> even consider this at all? I think it is not necessary.  The key is to
> see
> what they teach and evaluate its use in your sAdhana. If being in
> their
> presence makes you progress and feel at peace, probably you can
> utilize it.
> Another trap in this is you will hear the name of famous people. There
> are
> so many mahatma-s working silently for welfare of the world, probably
> we
> have no clue about them. Who knows, the guy standing next you in a
> crowded
> bus is a jnAni.  May be if we know, we would not shove him around. Or
> the
> guy in the car before you needlessly slowing down the traffic is a
> mahAtma
> and if we know probably we would not get frustrated, but wait
> patiently :-).
> The thing is we give this exaggerated often hypocritical respect to
> well
> known famous people, when that is something we should provide to all.
> This
> is something I ask myself all the time -- what if the car before me
> has
> ammachi and why should I be any different to Cindy or Harry?
> There is a valuable lesson Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa teaches, he
> mentions
> that he sees a potential teacher in everyone he meets and finds
> something
> valuable to learn from them. With that attitude, for a devotee every
> circumstance offers a potential to improve, evaluate, understand and
> learn.
> My 2c. Needless to say I may be wrong.
> Ravi
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> > Namaste.
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> > In recent times, Ramana Maharshi was universally acknowledged as
> > a person who has realized the ultimate truth. (I am sure there
> > were others also, but please excuse my ignorance) In similar
> > vein, I would like to know about a living person  who is widely
> > believed to be self realized.
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> > Thanks.
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What you have is destiny and what you do with what you have is self-effort. Future destiny is post destiny modified by your present action. You are not only the prisoner of your past but master of your future. - Swami Chinmayananda

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