[Advaita-l] Q: Jnaana/Vijnaana

Prasad X xxpraxx at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 14 18:39:43 CDT 2004


This topic may have been discussed before, but since the archive is not
search-able, I am asking here.

In Swami Chinmayananda's translation of 7:2 of the Gita, he writes:
    According to Adi Shankara, speculative knowledge is jnaana and
    experience of the perfection is vijnaana.

Swamiji does not specify a reference. I would like to know the exact
reference to AdiShankara's works/commentaries/etc, from which we get
this definition of gyaana and vigyaana. BTW, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
expounded on the same meaning. 

Thanks in advance.

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