[Advaita-l] purusha sUktam & nArAyaNa sUktam

Raghavendra N Kalyan kalyan7429 at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Feb 28 12:58:22 CST 2004

Namaste all,

Honestly, when I first came to know about purusha sUktam, I did not seem to take much note of it.  But when I first heard it being chanted, I got deeply absorbed in it and my mind was filled with tranquility. I am certain that if it can make me get absorbed so much, it  must have a deep significance, which I am unable to know by merely reading the English translation. I have some doubts/questions -

1) I intend to know more about the significance of the purusha sUktam completely, not just a mere English translation, for I am deeply interested in it. 

2) Further, I intend to know if the nArAyaNa sUktam is related to purusha sUktam in any way. Are these two generally chanted together? And the significance of nArAyaNa sutam?

3) Is it a mere coincidence that the Rishi for the purusha sUktam also carries the name nArAyaNa? What is the name of the Rishi for nArAyaNa sUktam?

4) As far as my knowledge goes, the purusha sUktam is chanted in temples of Lord viSNu. Is there any reason for that? 

5) And finally, from the point of view of advaita vedAnta, in what way can I contemplate while chanting/listening to the purusha and nArAyaNa sUktam-s.  Can we say that this purusha is brahman? How do these sUktam-s fit in the frame work of advaita-vedAnta? (Please answer from the point of view of contemplating on them.)

I intend to post these questions in "advaitin" group also. I hope the moderator has no objections. Thank you.





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