[Advaita-l] namaste:

Ramesh Badisa badisa55 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 19 10:34:23 CST 2004

Dear respected members,

Namaste. I will be grateful to you if you could enlighten me on the 
following doubt:

* The person who is filled with sorrow if worships Lord Vistnu, then he will 
be released from dvaita and advaita fear. This reference is found in Atma 
Bhodhopanishad, 3rd mantra (Shoka moha venirmaktam ...., dvaita advaita 
mabhayam bhavathi). I believe that there is only one divine (who or in what 
form one has to worship etc details are not required at this point). The 
ultimate aim of all jeevatmas is to experience the divine and merge in 
divine for absolute salvation. If that is so, then why the above mantra says 
release of worshipper from dvaita and advaita fear? Where is the fear for 

Couple of similar type of questions are alaso found in the following 

* Tejo Bindu Upanishad, 5.27 mantra says that if there is no dvaitam, then 
there is no advaitam and vice versa. Similar meaning is also implied in 5.37 
mantra of this upanishad. In the same upanishad mantra 6.99 says that every 
thing is illusion (sarvada bheda kalanam dvaita advaitam na vidyate - sorry 
for my in accurate translation). There is no dvaita and advaita.

I will be grateful for your answer.


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