[Advaita-l] The "Royal Way"

S Jayanarayanan sjayana at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 18 11:21:54 CST 2004

I said the jIvanmukti-viveka (JMV) of svAmi vidyAraNya mentions the
Royal Way, it comes under the second chapter. 

As I don't have the JMV with me anymore, I can only quote from memory:
"First sAdhana-chatushhTaya then brahma-GYAna - this rAja mArga (Royal
Way) is well-known. But when King Janaka heard the (ashhTaavakra or
avadhuuta) gItA, he immediately realized Brahman. This is no doubt due
to his former sAdhana and puNya..." And then the JMV goes on to explain
how Janaka had to eliminate his vAsanas to attain mukti, as he did not
have perfect sAdhana chatushhTaya.

Since the JMV mentions it as "well-known", and since we already know it
to be the first thesis of Shankara in his BSB, I presumed that it was
the "well-known Shankaran way". Shankara himself does not use that
phrase, as far as I know. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

--- venkata subramanian <venkat_advaita at yahoo.com> wrote:
> i saw in one of your postings, wherein you have said about the Royal
> Way - of the Acharya Pada.
> Could you please give me where it is found.


> Thanks & Regards,
> Venkat.
> Sadgurubhyo Namah.
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