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The Vedas, the sacred book of the Hindus, contain several elements of 
scientific concepts besides other esoteric wisdom.  The present book, 
Veda-vijnanam, contains a collection of 12 critical essays in Tamil on the 
following topics contributed by late Shri Navalpakkam Devanathachariar, who 
was the foremost scholar of our times on the Vedas and the darsanas 
especially the Purva-mimamsa system of Philosophy of Jaimini and his 
commentators.  He has to his credit about 20 critical text editions on 
various branches of Sanskrit literature, like, Purva-mimamsa, Sahitya, 
Silpa, etc. and a number of articles published in various journals. The 
articles contained in the above book abound with the brahmanical 
explanations of mantras which have a scientific bearing:

1.  The Burning Earth (Bhoomi Erikinrathu)
      The earth as a burning body in the eye view of birds.

2.  The Tree Trembles (Maram Bhayappatukirathu)
      Plants have life and feelings.

3.	One Year-One Day (Oru Varùam Oru Nàë)
      For the celestials.

4.	Thirty Sisters (Muppathu Sahodarikal)
      The Dawn - Ushas.

5.	Fire in Waters (Nãruë Neruppu)
      Heat Energy in Waters.

6.	Fasting (Upavàsam)
	Its Significance.

7.	The Cow (Aghniyà)
	Cow not to be slaughtered -- Its Protection and necessity.

8.	Hand-pounded Rice (Kaikkuttalari÷i)
	Its efficacy : Mãmà§sà View.

9.	Indra's Grammar (Aindra Vyàkaraõam)
	The most ancient phonetico-grammatical system.

10.	Arithmetic (Gaõitam)
	Numeration in the Vedas.

11. 	Donkey (Kazhuthai)
	All its aspects described in the Vedas.

12.	Stars (Nakùattiraïgal)
	Description of the constellations in the Vedas.

  The more one dives deep in the Vedic literature, the deeper one can reach. 
  Thus, the aim behind publication of these collected papers is to direct 
the attention of the Vedic students and the common man about the variety of 
topics the Veda has dealt within. This is only a sample survey.

  The Editor of the present book, Sri P S Ramanathan has undergone a 
complete study of the Krishna Yajurveda, comprising the Taittiriya 
Samhita-Brahmana-Aranyaka and the Upanishad in the traditional method and 
the other Vedas, Dharmasastras, Srauta, Grhya and the Phonetics  in general, 
under qualified  teachers.  He has authored books like Rg-yajuh-Samavedeeya 
Sandhyavandana (a detailed commentary on the Sandhya worship according to 
the three sakhas of the Veda with full documentation of the references and 
citations, and indices in Mal-1985), Gayatri-bhashyam, (Skt-1986) 
Surya-namaskara (Vedic Sun Worship-Mal) , Darsa Sraddha (a detailed account 
of the New Moon day ritual in respect of the departed ancestors, with 
commentary, textual references, etc. in Mal), Maharshigal Charitam 
(Sanskrit-Tamil Ed.), etc. He is very much involved in encouraging the 
preservation of oral tradition of the various branches of the Vedas. 
Presently engaged in editing two other branches of Vedic literature called 
Siksha (Vedic Phonetics) and the Pitrmedha-sutras of Apastamba with 
Ganapatya vritti of Painganadu Ganapati Sastrin.

  The present work  Veda-vijnanam, will extend to about 250 pages in print 
of Demy 1/8 size.  The estimated cost of printing the book on fine quality 
white map litho paper/binding comes to Rs. 60000/- (US$1300) approx.  It is 
a known fact that such rare works cannot be brought out without financial 
assistance.  It would be in the fitness of things if philanthropic minded 
persons would come forward to assist/sponsor the project. It would then be 
possible to undertake the printing of this work great national value and 
cultural importance.

  Complimentary copies of the book can be sent to the donors as soon as the 
book is published. Please feel free to ask any further information about the 
author/editor or the book.

Address of the Editor:

27/502 PVR Nagar
Pallipuram PO
Palakkad 678006
Phone: 0491-2515441
e-mail: ramsaket at sancharnet.in

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