[Advaita-l] chitram ram ramyate tam

Aarathi Sankaran aarathi at comcast.net
Fri Feb 6 10:55:32 CST 2004

The particular pratyaya in question has two meanings - paunaHpunyaM
(recurrence) and bhR^iSam (very much). Taking the context into consideration
I think recurrence of enjoyment would be the appropriate meaning for
"antastham yasya viSvam sura-nara-khaga-go-bhogi-gandharva-daityaiH
	chitram ramramyate tam tribhuvanavapusham vishNum ISam namAmi.
In Him the world, with different kinds of beings, enjoys repeatedly (owing
to the cycle of birth and rebirth)."


> In the dhyana-shlokas preceding the text of the Vishnu shasranama, there
is a shloka beginning with "bhUh-pAdau yasya nAbhir .." The fourth line of
this shloka has
> "chitram ram ramyate tam ..."   What is the meaning of "ram" here?

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