[Advaita-l] Re: Tantra

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Mon Feb 2 23:06:20 CST 2004

"What is today's competitive world?  In olden times people used to kill
each other for food.  Isn't that competitive?  How is today different?

Artha and kama are valid purusharthas for a grhastha when disciplined by
dharma but even then one has to soberly look at the situation and examine
ones assumptions and motives.  People lie to each other but the saddest
thing is they often lie to themselves."

Dear Jaladhar ,

May be what I said regarding competetion was wrong. But the point I want to make is - if we want to succeed, we will have to play for a win. We will have to enter the game of life with a desire for success. An attempt cannot be called a sincere attempt unless it is made with an aim to succeed. The only thing is that, after we make a sincere attempt, we should give up the ownership of success or failure and dedicate it to the lord. I think if we are not aiming for success in our endeavour we will be seriously lacking in performing one of the purusharthas.

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