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On Thu, 29 Jan 2004, Martone wrote:

> Namaste,
> I learned to see this point about killing the brothers and the elders in
> Gita in a symbolical way. In fact, the Gita doesn´t mean to really kill the
> relatives but the relatives are a symbol for our bad habits and "defects" of
> the ego. It is called "brothers and elders" because our "defects" of ego (
> greed, lust, vanity, selfishness) are so dear to us, that killing them hurts
> as if we were killing our brothers and elders.
> Greetings to all.
> Cecilia

True.  the beauty of a classic like the Mahabharata is that it can be read
on several different levels.  But the literal level appeals to me the most
because it really puts into sharp focus the moral dilemnas we mortals have
to face.  To talk about doing good is so easy but to actually do good is
where the problems start!

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