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Sun Feb 1 12:45:24 CST 2004

venkat krishnan <krish_venks at hotmail.com> wrote:
supposing a person does experience the Brahman, then theoretically speaking, 
how does the person himself even know that he has experienced Brahman ?

Knowing brahman can not be an experience as experiences are bound by space and time. And experiences always involve the triad of the experiencer, the experienced and the very experience itself. Realising brahman is a firm conviction that I am none of these identities that I have given to myself. De-identifying oneself from all things possible to conceive and just remaining firmly established in the knowledge that knowledge or chit or consciousness alone is the Truth is the true realisation.

Have Sri Shankara or Sri Ramana decribed their experience of moksha though 
any prose or works?

If I eat sugar and write a big book describing what it is to experience the sweetness of sugar, would a reader ever be able to perceive that sweetness by reading my description? He has to eat sugar himself and experience its sweetness.

Shankaracharya has explained this in the shloka " Mano Budhdhi ahankaara chittha aadi na aham.............."

2) What did Sri Shankara mean when he said the"world has no existence" ? Was 
he denying the world per say, or did he just mean that its 
temporary/ephemeral(but real all the same) ? 

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