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namo namah:

 Thanks for your replies. 
 Let me see if I can summarize: it comes down to how each one 
relates to "God", and this relationship is quite personal in 
 What prompted my question, hoping it will shed perspective is 
that in my own case, I appear to be two different persons to 
me depending on when I look at myself ... Waxing and waning in 
phases, bhakti seems sometimes altogether lost, while at other 
times there is this urge to just go "thank" this "God" for 
just being there!! bhakti seems to be like the fragrance of a 
flower. Its great when its in bloom, but seems to fade away 
the next day. 
 I have been told to expect this, but its quite unsettling, 
rather like an addict in detox clinic! There is this urge to 
go back to the wanton ways, but the sense of moral conflict at 
being unable to resist the temptations ... fighting with 
oneself is not easy, like the french story where the prisoner 
is asked to gaurd himself on his word of honour ... know what 
I mean? In the case of physical addictions to substances, 
there seem to be chemicals to get rid of them, or ease the 
passage, while I have been told that bhakti is the chemical to 
ease the passage to get rid of ill-habits. 
 Another thing about bhakti is that it seems to be defined in 
different ways in different schools. Some say its black and 
white - either you have it and obey the edicts, or you don't 
and fall out of favour. Some say its like a piggy bank, as 
long as you show something each day, your saving up for larger 
ones later .... 

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