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Mon Aug 23 12:37:37 CDT 2004

Thank you ravi.

"Ravisankar S. Mayavaram" <ravi at ambaa.org> wrote:
> PS: Is Charles Wikner still on our list?

No. He sent a message saying he is retiring (or something to that effect).
He is a great guy. His Sanskrit introductory book touches on the vedic
sibilants jihvamUliyA and upadhmAnIya which I encountered in taittirIya
prAtishAkya text. And also clearly explains many things such as, how sh, shh
etc is correctly pronounced, etc. It is an amazing introductory book for
beginners. (available on Sanskrit site).

For venkat (following docs were created on XP). I also created a chamaka PDF
file (from what was on sanskrit site -- but has errors in some swaras [was
in the original]). I dont have it online to show you an example with

Using aksharamala and adobe pdf writer (both of them are not free) on PC

Using Itranslator 2003 (free) + Adobe (not free). I used arial unicode (or
mangal) font in the document. It does not have all the samyuktAxara-s -- but
sanskrit 2003 has most of them.

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