[Advaita-l] fundamental (dis)qualifications - beginner's paradox

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Sun Aug 15 08:29:19 CDT 2004

Namo namah:

 Thanks to all who responded.
 I did get a few mails that I was not polite or was 
offensive. My public apologies. I was merely voicing my 
thoughts as they came, and no offence is/was intended. I 
promise to be more thoughtful and word it better next time.

> It is the case with all darshana-s. For instance, in in 
yoga, they say that
> you should attain perfection in yama and niyama to succeed 
in subsequent
> steps. But it does not happen that way (for most people). 
Some degree of
> progress in steps like prANayama etc. enable one to attain 
some perfection
> in  yama and niyama. It is a highly nonlinear process. But 
when they say
> perfection in yama and niyama is required, it means that 
sAdhaka should be
> intent on that. Swami Vivekananda touches upon this subject 
in one of his
> talks.

 Thanks for the explanation. I guess what this is asking for 
is more a form of commitment to the process to (or intention 
to) cleanse oneself and prepare oneself? If so, gives a 
little bit of comfort on one hand to feel that one is not 
totally abandoned. Yet, it raises some unsettling other 
thoughts, in the sense, if even the first sentence needs help 
with interpretation to understand, progress would be slow. If 
I were to perhaps raise questions on this list, I hope I 
would be pardoned if the members feel it is regurgitation or 
too simple ....
 References to Swami Vivekananda's talk would be help ful. I 
have found his English and writing approach have been 
> If you look at the list archives, you will see we had a 
similar discussion
> on prerequisites for studying brahma suutra, etc.

 Will do, thanks.

> (We have a standing list policy that members should 
restrict themselves to
> two posts per day. Please try to adhere to that).

 My apologies. Will adibe by it. 


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