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> Namo Namah:
> I found this on your site:
> ==
> Atma Bodha Verse 01 :
> tapObhih kshiNapApAnAm SAntAnAm vItarAgiNAm |
> mumukshuNAm ApekshyOyam AtmabOdhO vidhIyate ||
> Translation:
> For those who have cleansed their sins by austerities, for
> those who are calm ( or attained calmness ), for those who are
> not bound to cravings of the body, and for those who seek
> liberation, to such worthy people, I (ShrI Shankara) compose
> this teaching on the Self.
> =
>  On a humourous vein, I am disqualified right awy, in the
> first verse of a book meant to be level 101!! I may perhaps
> qualify only as one whose aim now is to find redeeming forces,
> and if that is God, so be it, and if that is Non Dual pursuit,
> so be it. But, no way I have cleansed by sins, and by no
> stretch of imagination am I calm, or free from attachment to
> the body :)

Texts give the prerequisites for the students (aka adhikAri laxaNam) to
indicate that only those who have the qualification will achieve the results
stated in the work. Those who do not have those qualifications should strive
to attain them and understand that their progress depends on it.

It is the case with all darshana-s. For instance, in in yoga, they say that
you should attain perfection in yama and niyama to succeed in subsequent
steps. But it does not happen that way (for most people). Some degree of
progress in steps like prANayama etc. enable one to attain some perfection
in  yama and niyama. It is a highly nonlinear process. But when they say
perfection in yama and niyama is required, it means that sAdhaka should be
intent on that. Swami Vivekananda touches upon this subject in one of his

If you look at the list archives, you will see we had a similar discussion
on prerequisites for studying brahma suutra, etc.


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