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Wed Aug 11 15:46:57 CDT 2004

Dear all,
I am a Physician practising in the UK 34 years of age.I am teaching the Krishna Yajur veda way of chanting Shri rudram to a few interested students here.
I learnt a recitation method for the pavamana(Rg Veda),years ago from a vedacharya in Pune a few years ago .
I have had numerous experiences ,most of which I am forbidden to reveal However there are a few things I must say:
1.The Krishna Yajur and shukla Yajur methods of chanting Shri rudram give more "Soumya "results as opposed to the Rg method.
2.The Gayatri mantra done in Upamsu/manasika method of chanting 2 malas a day on a Rudraksha mala facing the North at a specified sandhya time which should not be varied brings Atma-sakshatkar in a very quick time.
3.The training to be undergone before one actually starts the Mantra japa should ensure that the swaras of the Savitri are perfect and one must say to oneself at every avaliable opportunity -"This world is  not real ,who am I .when will I wake up from this unreality."
Dr M. Pandit

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