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Tue Aug 10 23:57:54 CDT 2004

My Pranam's to a (all) Shiva devotee(s).
 May I request you to help me understand what the details of a
daily shiva puja are? I have heard some conflicting accounts of
exactly what constitues a shiva puja, sometime also called
panchaayatana puja? There are time when I hear that it can be
as simple as just praying to the linga form and other times,
have heard that it must be performed with the shakti form of
Divine Mother, and at time with all of the dieties that
Shankara gave prominence to.
 As I had indicated in an earlier introductory mail, I am
trying to find the forces that have redeemed me. 
 Guidance to Shiva worhsip are greatly appreciated.

> Namste,
> I am Ramanan, a devotee of Lord Shiva and an ardent staunch
disciple of Sringeri
> I am initiated by their Holiness and have been performing
Shiva Pooja everyday. Have
studied books on shaivisim and would love to share the thoughts.
> Pranams
> Ramanan
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