[Advaita-l] anirvachanIya

Ranjeet Sankar thefinalsearch at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Aug 10 23:31:17 CDT 2004

Advaita does not depend on anirvachanIyatva !
Its true that Shri sha~Nkara had used this concept in his bhAshyam-s.
However, the way He used it is entirely different from how the term is used
by modern advaitin-s.

Hari Om

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From: "Ravisankar S. Mayavaram" <ravi at ambaa.org>
One thing I found in advaita-vedAnta is, if try to go
> quite deep into this matter you will have to always confront the
> "anirvachaniiya" aspect of avidya. How the ahaMkAra started mixing up
> with anAtman  will point only to anAdi avidya, which is anirvachaniiya.

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