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Mon Aug 9 06:11:16 CDT 2004

May I kindly request Bhasker to post if possible with ENglish

 praNAm prabhuji
 Hare Krishna

 prabhuji, all these quotes are from famous upanishads, brahma sUtra-s &
bhagavad gIta.  I hope you are having english translation of gIta.  I have
given a rough translation of the sanskrit quotes also ( not word by word)
in my previous mail.

 (a) yato vAcho nivartante, aprApya manasa saha (tai. up.)

 This one is from taitirIya upanishad, it says speech organ ( you can take
other indriya-s (senses) also) return unable to reach it (describe it)
along with the mind (aprApya manasa saha)

 (b) na tatra chakshurgacchati, na vAggacchati nO manaH! na vidmO na
vijAnImO yathaitadanushishyAt!! (kena Up.)

 The above quote is from kEnOpanishat which is more or less conveying the
same meaning as mentioned above.  eyes cannot reach there (na tatra
chakshurgacchati)  nor speech organ can tell you (na vAggacchati)   even
mind also cannot grasp it (nO mahaH), it cannot be known & we donot know
how to educate others about it (na vidmO na vijAnImO..)

 prabhuji, these shruti quotes emphasising the fact that we cannot
objectify the ultimate nature of ours, it is beyond the reach of limited
adjuncts ( upadhi-s).

 As regards to grammer issue in vEda, prabhuji I am not qualified enough to
comment on it since my knowledge in sanskrit is rudimentary.

 Hope this helps you.

 Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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