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namo namah:
 Since I am also trying to learn sanskrit at the same time, I
am enthued that people in this forum talk/write in sanskrit.
However, I am not fluent enough to grasp everything said here.
 May I kindly request Bhasker to post if possible with ENglish
 Also in this respect, in my attempts to understand some vedic
statements purely on a sanskrit basis, I am told that vedas are
not bound by sanskrit rules of grammar, but are bound only by
rules of chandas (sound?). Is this true?
 Also, the modern school of thought is that sanskrit as a
formalized and codified grammatically correct language came
into existence much after the vedas (chronologically speaking).
This would then presuppose that the vedas are gramatically
incorrect if one were to purely look at the words and sentences
themselves. If that is the case, then one needs to be very very
careful in interpreting the statements, for the meaning would
be missed otherwise. How do scholars deal with this?

Thanks in advance,
Sanskrit Beginner.
> bhaskar :
> terms that brahma jnAna is not like an objective knowledge, 
yato vAcho
> nivartante, aprApya manasa saha (tai. up.), na tatra
chakshurgacchati, na
> vAggacchati nO manaH! na vidmO na vijAnImO
yathaitadanushishyAt!! (kena
> & its an intuitive knowledge within the  realm of aham
pratyaya. manasEmEva
> AptavyaM nEha nAnAsti kiNchana is another shruti vAkya can be
> here which teaches us through manaH only we should know that
there is no
> duality whatsoever in svarUpa.
>  Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
>  bhaskar

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