[Advaita-l] New member introduction: Sanskrit Beginner

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Mon Aug 9 00:46:28 CDT 2004

Hello There.

Thanks for your welcome email.
To begin with I am a rather confused 31 yr old male :) I have
done some stupid things, but looks like there are redeeming
forces out there, and I want to find those.
 Someone said a philosophical approach helps along with the
religious, that we often do just mindlessly.
 I have done some random readings, but nothing systematic. I
then chanced upon Sri Vidhyashankar's pages on advaita
vedanta, and want to learn more. I am skeptical, since I want
to be honest, but I also want to learn. I want to bring a
certain rigour to my learning, and am hoping the list will
 If you permit it, I would like to ask questions honestly. I
respect the saints of our religion, so, let me state upfront
that no offence is intended.
 I am also trying to learn sanskrit, hence the name on the
email. As with things on the web, I have learnt spammers can
jam inbox with a real name; also, I am partly ashamed at who
I have made myself into the past 31 years. Please accept my
apologies for wanting to remain anonymous.
 Do let me know if this introduction suffices.
Thanks for your service.

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