[Advaita-l] Jnanam and Meditation

nanda chandran vpcnk at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 7 18:13:45 CDT 2004

>Yes, the Knower can be known. It is by the Knower that
>the Knower can be known.
>The Knower knows that He/She/It knows, just as I know
>that I know.
>Brahman/Atma is svayam jyotiH. It is svayam pramana.
>In that sense it is neither Knower nor Known. It is

in the brhadaaranyaka upanishad, even the great yaagnavalkya in his dialogue 
with his wife, seems to lack your certitude!

might be instructive for you to study the upadesha saahasri - especially the 
chapter titled "tat tvam asi".

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