[Advaita-l] About Yajnavalkya of BAU

P.S.Ramanathan ramsaket at sancharnet.in
Fri Aug 6 10:55:17 CDT 2004

Dear Sir,

I give below the bibliographical details of a book on Yajnavalkya.

A biography titled Yogeeshwara Yajnavalkya by Shri ER Krishnamoorthy
has been published in the year 1984. The book contains  xxxix + 846 pages.  
The address of the publishers:

No.7, Third Street
Madras 600014

It contains an Introduction by Sri Agnihotram Ramanuja Tatachariar and is priced Rs.100/-.

Best regards: ramanathan

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> Namaste
> Does anybody can give me more details about Yajnavalkya, the central
> character of the second kandam of the Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad.
> Is there any other reliable sources from where i can learn other biographic
> details on that great Rishi?
> For example :
> - Who was his own guru?
> - When and how does he himself reached Moksha?
> - Apart from Janaka and Maitreyi, did he had others known disciples?
> - Is the Uddalaka Aruni defeated in the Brihad Aranyaka Up by Yajnavalkya
> the same person than the Uddalaka Aruni of the Chandogya Up ?
> - ...etc
> Thanks in advance for any contribution on that topic from the most learned
> persons of this list.
> Yann (from France)

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