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Shri Jayanarayanan's following note is very relevant.
[Brahma sUtra 3.3.54:
But this is not so; there is a distinction (between the Self and the
body) because consciousness may not exist even when the body exists, as
it is in the case of perception.

Before I type Shankara's commentary, any ideas as to how the opponent's
theory can be refuted?]
Without looking into Shankara's commentary, may I venture to suggest five reasons why Consciousness has to be different from the body?

Five reasons why Consciousness is different from body:


   We are conscious of our dream, without the help of the body.
   We are conscious of our body, so we are different from the body.
   We are conscious of every change, so we are different from every changing system, that is the body.
   Consciousness has left the body in a coma stage, so Consciousness cannot be a quality of the body.
5.Without light we cannot see. But that does not mean that the light is the seer. So also it appears as if  only with the body we are conscious.  It is not so.
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